News#8: PTA Activities (Coloring Page and Word Search)

Hello Parents,

We would like to say Happy Thanksgiving to all Juarez Lincoln students, staff, and their families. We hope your families enjoy a safe and fun-filled week. Below are a coloring page and a word search created by one of our officers.

Please let us know if you would like to see more coloring pages.

News #7: Scholastic Book Fair

Hello Parents,

The Fall Scholastic Book Fair has opened for Fall 2020. It will run from Friday, November 6th to Thursday 19, 2020.

Use the link below to order books to support the Juarez Lincoln School Library. 25% of the money spent will go to the school to help fund classroom libraries and to provide books to children who need help.

Books will be delivered directly to your home. Scholastic staff is adhering to COVID guidelines to ensure all materials are shipped safely.

Link: Juarez Lincoln School Fall Book Fair

Inktober 2020 is here!

Not all of us are professional artists but we all like to doodle now and then, even if it might be on the edges of our meeting notes or homework.

Join us for the 2020 INKTOBER Event.

Each day, draw an image in ink or anything else if you don’t have a pen based on that day’s prompt. Do a 5 minute sketch or ink out a full drawing over 4 hours. It is your art, your creativity! Tag us on Twitter @JL_Eagles_PTA and #inktober2020.

Remembering 9/11

In remembrance of the tragedy 19 years ago, the Juarez-Lincoln PTA would like to say thank you to all first responders, wherever you are, active or retired.

Thank you for answering the call. Thank you for risking life and limb to save others in time of need, despite the danger, despite the chaos, despite the pain and suffering. We thank you for your dedication, your commitment, your beliefs, for putting it all on the line so others may live.

We will never forget the ultimate sacrifice of the 343 firefighters, 60 police officers, 8 EMTs, and 1 patrolmen who never came back home that day to their families along with the 2,565 victims in the towers and on the aircrafts.

Thank you.

News #6: Membership Campaign!

Hello Parents!

Membership is now open at Totem Online! Each parents that sign ups will have their children’s names placed on a Pokeball that will be added to their class’ virtual poster. If the class reaches, a 100% participation, the class will then unlock their teacher’s mystery pokemon.

There is a $1 to use the online form but you have instant access to your PTA membership card and contact-less with the PTA. If you would prefer to sign up in person, we will be hosting a membership drive at the following date and time:

September 4th, 2020
9:00am to 2:00pm
Juarez Lincoln Parking Lot

We are working on the 2020-2021 Budget but due to COVID-19, there will be a few of our traditional events that will be automatically cancelled. We are working with Mr. Pollack to come up with new twists on others to meet State and National Guidelines on COVID-19 safety.

Our ideas include working with Staff to see if it is a viable option to host online clubs with materials provided by the PTA through donors like you. The clubs may include art club, reading club, science club, writing club, etc. The Scholastic Book Fair has been moved online as of right now with books and items delivered straight to your door. We are also seeking to see if we can move the Movie Night to an outdoor venue with some help from parents like you. We may even try a Food Drive-through where caterers will sell pre-packaged food to you to buy.

Stay safe!

News #5: New PTA Board and COVID-19 Updates

Welcome back, parents!

The new PTA Board has been elected! Visit the 2020-2021 PTA Board page to meet your officers for the coming school year!

For the coming school year, the Juarez-Lincoln PTA will adjusting their event calendar to meet the new safety guidelines laid out by the Chula Vista Elementary School District and the National PTA. Our top priority is to ensure our children and staff remain as safe as possible.

We are in the middle of setting up an online membership campaign to allow parents the options of joining the PTA without having to physically come to the school campus to sign up. Once we confirm the campaign, we will let you know!

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

We hope to hear from you soon!

News #4: 2020-2021 PTA Board Elections


For the 2020-2021 School Year, the Juarez Lincoln PTA will be hosting online elections on June 30th, 2020 at 6:00pm to elect and vote in the PTA Board for the upcoming school year. Meeting details will be sent to emails we received on your membership envelope. If you need to send us your email, you will need to email the with your child’s name and teacher they had for the 2019-2020 school year for confirmation. This is to protect your privacy online.

Anyone can be nominated to join the PTA Board as long as they have been a member for 30 days. You do not need to have experience in Microsoft or computers. Help and training will be provided to you by the previous Juarez Lincoln PTA Board and Chula Vista Councils of PTAs.

Per our PTA bylaws, the positions of Presidents, Secretary, and Treasurer must be filled in order to have a valid PTA organization. We are looking for someone to fill in the position of Secretary as the President and Treasurer will be returning for their final year.

You can submit your name to Juarez Lincoln PTA through

The following positions are open to all who are interested:


  • Oversees and coordinates the work of the PTA Board to run the Juarez Lincoln PTA efficiently
  • Runs the PTA Board and Association Meetings
  • Is the official contact, communicator, and representative of the JL PTA
  • Is the authorized signer for PTA checks, contracts, and authorizations for payment
  • Automatically a member of all committees except the Nominating Committee
  • Works with other PTA leaders to connect families, school, and the community to support student success.


  • Writes the meeting minutes at Board and Association Meetings
  • Co-signs formal papers, payment authorizations, and formal letters with the PTA President
  • Handles the PTA correspondence as directed by the PTA President
  • Maintains the PTA records and important documents to pass on at end of term


  • Maintains the permanent PTA record to track unit funds and financial transactions
  • Oversees the budget committee and prepares annual budget for adoption by PTA association
  • Pays all PTA bills as authorized by board or association
  • Prepares report for every board and association meetings and the annual financial report
  • Ensures taxes and reports required by PTA bylaws, insurance, state, and/or federal governments are completed and submitted by due dates

1st Vice President of Membership

  • Coordinates annual membership drive
  • Responsible for promoting membership throughout the year, collecting dues, and distributing membership cards
  • Pays all PTA bills as authorized by board or association
  • Prepares membership report for every board and association meetings
  • Ensures taxes and reports required by PTA bylaws, insurance, state, and/or federal governments are completed and submitted by due dates

2nd Vice President of Fundraising

  • Works with a committee, appointed by the president, to plan and organize fundraising activities
  • Focuses on raising the amount of funds needed to meet the unit’s budget
  • Presents reports on proposed fundraising activities at board and association meetings for approval


  • Captures, assembles, and preserves record of activities and achievements of the JL PTA
  • Collects volunteer hours for PTA meetings and events
  • Completes and submits the PTA Unit-Annual Historian Report to council/district PTA
  • Displays or presents brief overview of PTA year at meeting near the end of the school year


  • Assists the president to manage meetings and advises on parliamentary procedure
  • Chairs Bylaws committee to review unit Bylaws each year and revise Bylaws every three years
  • Arranges nominating committee’s first meeting, providing information on nomination and election process


    • Audits the books and financial records of a PTA to determine their accuracy
    • Presents written reports on audits to the board and the association for adoption
    • Forwards copies of adopted audits to council/district PTA as indicated in unit bylaws

News #3: Book Fair (Preorders for Dogman: Fetch 22), T-Shirt Orders, and Movie Night

Hello Eagles,


As a reminder, the Winter Scholastic Book Fair runs from December 2nd to December 6th. The book fair schedule is below:

Monday-Thursday: 11am to 2pm
Wednesday Special Event: Scholastic Family Night, 5pm to 7:30pm
Friday: 11am to 2:00pm

Scholastic is offering a special chance to purchase the next book in the Dogman series. Buy your chance to buy FETCH 22 today. Copies ordered by Wednesday will be delivered to the school for no extra shipping costs. All copies MUST be ordered by Wednesday.

Dogman: Fetch 22 Order Form  –   Spanish Order Form

Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 12.17.49 AM

The Scholastic eWallet allows parents to set up an online account for students to charge to without the need to having to carry cash to school.

Click here to set your child’s eWallet

Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 12.43.43 AM

School Spirit Wear:

School Spirit Wear has been ordered. This year, t-shirts and long-sleeves have been ordered in red and blue colors. We hope to have it delivered this week for purchase availability. Hoodies and Women’s Cut T-shirts are only available on special order request. Prices are listed below:

T-Shirt: $10 for S to X-Large
Long Sleeve: $12 for S to X-Large
Women’s Cut: $10 for S to X-Large
Hoodies: $20 for S to X-Large

Movie Night:

The first movie night of the year will be held on the School Auditorium on Tuesday, December 17th, 2019. Food and drinks will be sold. A raffle will be held to win a family pack of 4 tickets to Palm Promenade 24 to see a movie of their own choice.

Juarez-Lincoln PTA

News #2: Donations and Volunteers Needed for Festival!

Hello Eagles,

The 2019 Fall Festival is now days away. If you have not already done so, please visit the Fall Festival page to view donation levels, festival map, and volunteer information.

We are still looking for parent volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering at one of the PTA booths, please contact the PTA at If you would like to volunteer for your child’s class booth, please reach out to his/her teacher. PTA shifts will be for 1 hour. We need your help!

Donations are now being accepted. You can drop them off at the school office or directly at the PDC room. Tents and tables can be dropped off starting Friday, October 25, 2019. If you need to drop off the tents and tables prior to Friday, please contact the PTA to make arrangement.

As a reminder, the ticket presale ends on Wednesday October 23, 2019. Prices will go up on Thursday, October 24, 2019.

Juarez Lincoln PTA